Bottleless Water Coolers

Fresh Thinking… For Fresh Water In Your Office.

We now have BottleLESS water coolers that give you virtually unlimited pristine and healthy “bottle quality” drinking water in your office!

We will take care of everything from unhooking your old water cooler and scheduling a pickup to closing your account up at no additional charge! We make changing over easy and painless.

Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

There are so many benefits of BottleLESS Coolers, here are just a few:

  • Bottled-quality water
  • Virtually unlimited supply of fresh drinking water
  • Very sanitary
  • No leaks!

Start Using a Bottleless Water Cooler of Under-the-Sink Drinking Water System Today!

Delivering bottled water is a 5,000 year old technology that requires someone to transport good water to places that don’t have any. With small reverse osmosis drinking water systems, we have been helping our residential customers produce bottled water quality water right at their sink for decades.

However, in most businesses, sinks aren’t always readily available and many people like to have both hot and cold water available instantly. So at Universal Water Systems we set out to find a better solution to bottled water in offices.

What we found were BottleLESS Coolers. These coolers produce bottled water quality water right in your office.

We at Universal Water Systems will take care of everything! From easy, hassle-free installation to our top-quality ongoing service.

bottleless bottlefree water coolers

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Verified Local Reviews

Charlie Mills
Charlie Mills
14:07 15 Jun 24
We have had our system a year. We like the system. We had... Universal Water come do a system check because we have Cherokee Metro really hard water. $257 changed the filter and rest the sink filters and checked the system downstairs. Tech told my wife wait 24 hours and the light will turn green. Light never turned green the whole weekend. I called the following week and told to reset the system again, I did and waited the 24 hours. Still the annoying amber light that is suppose to be green is still amber. I called later in the week the front desk person said she would talk with the service manager and call back. Still waiting on that call 7 days later. Piss poor customer service, and I would like my light to be green again. Please.Edit:Universal Water came out to correct the problem. Our system operating as it should more
John Long
John Long
00:09 04 May 24
A difficult install given the age of my house and some of... the plumbing. Nick and Cole had to visit a plumbing store twice to get the job done… Great job you two! I’m extremely happy…read more
Logan James
Logan James
11:20 25 Apr 24
Truly appreciate the professionalism shown during our... interaction. Candice in particular went advice above and beyond to make sure that all our issues were addressed and more
Modern Knight Hobbies
Modern Knight Hobbies
16:21 23 Apr 24
Fast, efdicient, friendly service. Definitely recommend... especially since the water from the city needs treatment before you can really use more
Z Snow
Z Snow
16:12 23 Apr 24
We are loving our new water system. Immediately the house... is cleaner. No more hard water/iron staining on everything! - Imagine what it could do to the pipes we just replaced. Candice has been very helpful throughout the process and Sean installed everything great. He even came back out to do a French drain that was needed for the system. This system is worth it. Thanks for everything you guys do!read more
Solomon Castaneto
Solomon Castaneto
18:33 02 Apr 24
Very knowledgeable technicians, answered all my questions... with no hesitations or guesses. Ensured everything works and I'm very satisfied with the quality of work. Jay & Cole, you guys rocks!read more
Dennis Pinkstaff
Dennis Pinkstaff
16:56 29 Mar 24
The UWS team was great, we welcome them back any time.... Thanks to Lesley and more
18:07 12 Feb 24
Thank you so much for providing us with a clean option for... drinking water! We wish we would've known about your company UWS sooner!! The technicians were amazing!! Five stars!!!read more
Jimmy Estrella
Jimmy Estrella
23:07 29 Nov 23
I had Damian, Rainer, Lesley, and a few others come out and... install my system. These guys were awesome. They did a really good job making sure I wasn’t uncomfortable having a few guys I didn’t know in my home. They made sure that any little mess they made was cleaned up. It was like they were never even here. Definitely recommend the system just so y'all can meet more
Jessye Moreno
Jessye Moreno
19:20 27 Nov 23
These guys are awesome at what they do. Made quick work of... the job. Highly recommend this more
James Bell
James Bell
03:29 23 Nov 23
On time and cleaned up well after themselves. Only issue is... they forgot to turn the valve back on to the refrigerator water supply so we ran out of ice and had a bit of an issue finding the problem. Otherwise, all good and so far would recommend them to more
Charles Major
Charles Major
02:41 03 Nov 23
Customer service from water test through installation was... excellent. Damian and Rainer were very informative and willing to answer any questions. The system itself is a life changer. Showering feels like a whole new experience lol and having great tasting drinkable water from the tap is amazing. 10/10 would recommend for more
William Fisher
William Fisher
18:45 27 Oct 23
Damian and Rainer were both friendly, professional, and did... their work efficiently. Thank you so much!read more
Alexandra Linarez
Alexandra Linarez
17:27 19 Oct 23
We have had the water treament systems installed and used... for almost 60 days now. The difference it has made, is beyond expectations for us. The water no longer smells like a massive amount of chlorine every time you turn on a shower. The dishes no longer have a hard water deposit when thye run through the dishwasher either. Our laundry smells cleaner and the taste of the water is 100X better than it was before we had the system installed. We no longer have to purchase bottled water to make bottles for the baby, or to drink daily. The installers were fantastic. They were in and out quickly and had everything set up and running within an hour or so. We did get the RO system installed as well and that has been a life changer for our kids drinking water. We highly recommend this to all our friends and more
Naishel Rohrer
Naishel Rohrer
13:36 18 Oct 23
Damien and Rainer came to install our water system and did... great work. They have a pleasant demeanor and were efficient, informative, and thorough. I recommend this team for all installs and will call on them again if I have any questions. Thanks guys! ☺️read more
Tri Klops
Tri Klops
13:34 18 Oct 23
Very professional and quality work
Julia Ramirez
Julia Ramirez
21:22 10 Oct 23
Emilio, our sales rep, Damian and Rainer, our install team,... did an honest and fantastic job installing our system in our home! Thank you for your help setting our family up for a better futureread more
Guiseppe Cecere
Guiseppe Cecere
18:01 09 Oct 23
Damian was great, very informative and professional.
Leslie Puntillo
Leslie Puntillo
00:22 01 Oct 23
Damian and Rainer were prompt, knowledgeable and made the... process easy for the more
Damian and Rainer were incredibly helpful, kind, and... informative. They came in, dealt kindly with our wolfpack of dogs and were able to finish the job in about 90 minutes. Nothing but good things to say .read more
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What is Aquasense?
Aquasense is a rental service provider of pure drinking water coolers for the office. Our systems do not require regular delivery of water jugs. Our state-of-the-art equipment filters the customer’s city or well water perfectly!
How does it work?
The coolers are attached to any existing cold water line in your office. This can be done without any permanent modifications to your fixtures and without shutting off the water to the building or office. Then the water is filtered using more advanced technology than even bottled water plants use, but on a smaller scale.
Why is bottleLESS better than bottled?
There are many benefits, but the primary reasons are:
  1. Less money: our BottleLESS systems are less expensive than purchasing bottled water
  2. Safer: stop lifting 40+ pound bottled water jugs and decrease workman’s comp issues
  3. Healthier: with our UV disinfection system
  4. Sustainability: we don’t have to deliver on a big diesel truck, or fill up landfills with old jugs
  5. Convenience: never run out of water!
  6. Equipment appearance and cleanliness: no bacteria to grow in the reservoir
How does it taste?
It’s as good as water can get. Our filtration process ensures that no matter what water you start with, our machine will produce the highest-quality water possible. We guarantee you’ll love the taste, and that it’s the healthiest water you can drink.
How much does it cost?
You’ll pay one low, flat monthly rate that includes free installation, free repairs, free filter changes, and flexible terms. The cost depends on the number of water drinkers (water consumption), traffic, installation requirements, a variety of other factors, though most of the time our rate is lower than a traditional bottle system. Please contact us today for a no obligation quote to get started, or calculate our savings over bottled water.
Why is Aquasense better than other filtration companies?
Most filtration systems only use carbon filtration which does not do a sufficient job of filtering the contaminants out of your water. Aquasense prides itself on using only the very highest standard of water filtration and producing only the highest quality machines. Our 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system is superior to any system on the market, and you get that all with the lowest monthly costs, no hidden fees and great attention to detail and customer service. Aquasense does not charge for filter changes, installation, upkeep or service. We are able to maintain the lowest prices in the industry through the volume of units that we manufacture. There is no other company that can provide the quality to cost to service ratio of Aquasense. With any of our competition, you are likely to get inferior, unaesthetic filtration units and filters, hidden costs, and poor customer service.
What if there's not a water source close by?
Nearly every building has a water source close enough for our water coolers. We can install our coolers if there’s a source within 1000 feet of the desired location.
What happens if my company grows or moves?
If you grow, it’s always easy to add more units. If you move, we’ll be happy to move your unit to the new location.
What are the environmental impacts?
Minimal. Aquasense is the most environmentally friendly solution to pure water. There is virtually no waste with our systems. Single-serve bottles add tons of material to the waste stream, and contrary to popular belief, this material cannot be used again for bottled water or food products. Furthermore, we don’t deliver our systems with large commercial diesel trucks. By having an Aquasense water cooler, you can do your part to help the environment by reducing the number of diesel truck deliveries and non-biodegradeable plastic in our landfills.
Can you hook up our coffee machine to the water?
Yes. Want better tasting coffee? In most cases we can easily hook up your coffee machine to our filter free of charge.
Is purified water beneficial to my health?
The water and air of today’s world is filled with various chemicals and minerals that can potentially be toxic for your body. Our bodies are comprised of 72% water. When taking a look at the functions of our blood, brain and central nervous system, we find that it is contaminated water that leads to negative effects in our health. When chemicals and toxic minerals are allowed to enter the body, they can slow or even stop the processes of the brain and heart, dramatically affecting the body’s ability to function correctly. Experts now believe that it may be these very toxins in our body creating distortions throughout our nervous system that may be the roots of disorders like Attention Deficit Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and depression. Considering the vital role that water plays in our brain and nervous system, water quality is the most basic and essential key to a healthful life and longevity.